Cindy Stone

Purcell Public Schools board members hired Cindy Stone on Monday to replace Tammy Dillard as elementary school principal.

Dillard retired at the end of the 2019-20 school year.

Stone’s employment will begin with the 2020-21 school year.

Superintendent Sheli McAdoo told the board that the district’s allocation under the CARES Act arrived Monday.

The allocation of $234,688.19 is one-time money and must be spent for specified purposes by the end of 2021. Those purposes are listed on the State Department of Education website, McAdoo said.

She added if at least 30 percent of the allocation is spent in two areas, that opens the opportunity to receive more funding from the federal government.

The superintendent told the board that earlier projections showed the district would have 10 percent of its fiscal year 2019-20 budget remaining. Instead as of Monday, 12.41 percent of the budget remains unspent.

The district is preparing to begin its summer feeding program.

Although recipients won’t notice any change from the meal program implemented this spring during the COVID-19 school closures, the district will be reimbursed at a higher rate in the summer.

Tyler Graves, construction manager with Goldsby Construction, told the board the new junior high school is “100 percent ready” as bond projects are winding up.

The band storage room will be finished in the next 1-1/2 weeks and in June, sidewalks will be installed from the new junior high school to Green Avenue.

Construction has remained on budget for all projects.

Graves said he will have one final update for the board at the June meeting.

The board approved a resolution for schools and libraries for 2020-21 and reappointed Tracy Folsom as their representative in negotiations with the Purcell Association of Classroom Teachers for the 2020-21 school year.

They also adopted Oklahoma State School Boards Association policies.

In other personnel matters, the board hired Jake DeViney to teach high school science, Melissa Feroli as high school counselor and Mackenzie Huffman to teach special ed and Kristy Behrens as a paraprofessional. Huffman’s employment is contingent on her completing Special Education Boot Camp.

Also approved were certified contracts for Amanda Clay, Kenzie Cunnius, Lauren Masters, Megan Moreno, Tracy Scott, Angela Terry, Michael Ward and Cody Weaver.

Temporary certified contracts were approved for Jim Bohnstedt, Stacy Hale, Ashley Howell, Erica Keen, Stephanie Knowles, Courtney Lyles, Jami Martin, Frances Maynor, Kerri Raper, Emma Rolin, Kayla Sweeney, Skylar Thomas, Bryson Tuttle, Steffany Ward, Mindy Wells and Amy Wells-Norman.

Fifty-five non certified contracts were also approved.

Those include Queston Autry, Marcela Auz, Faith Bay, Karlyn Bebout, William Bebout, Brandy Black, Irma Calixto-Narvaez, Wanda Clark, Curtis Conway, Kellie Cook, Susie Croslin, Kimberly Cummings, Aerial Eaton, Marvin Fields, Michael  Gowens, Kathy Gregson, Jerry Hailey, Robin Hamilton,

Cristian Haynes, Amber Hines, Kerri Howell, Terry Howell, Jerry Jennings, Bill Keeler, Lareatha Keeler, Tajuana Keely, Teresa Kirkpatrick, Richard Leonard, Danny Lewis, Erica Medina, Wilma Mize, Mayra Munoz, Brenna Nabors, Brent Nabors, Rhonda Nash, Gina Newell,

Geneva Oswalt, Tammie Page, Jacqueline Robinson, Jana Rolin, Kyle Shaw, Robin Sheehy, Jordan Simmons, Ashleigh Smedley, Barbara Smith, Kelly Smith, Angela Stone, Jackie Suchy, Kaylynn Tresler, April Trumbo, Candeedra Tuck, Gabriel Willard, Susan Yates and Maria Zaragoza Munoz.

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