Homecoming crown

Purcell’s 1946 Homecoming Queen Jean Trudgeon received this leather helmet signed by the Dragons as her homecoming crown. Signatures on the helmet included Thurmond Jacks, guard, Roy Wilson, quarterback, Joe Al Cunningham, Snuffy Turner, left end, Eugene Woods, right halfback, Don Crawley, center, Bobby Walker, right halfback, Lewis Lynn Hine, right end, C.J. Howard, right tackle, Paul Lynn, fullback, Ed Cavnar, tackle, Robert “Rancho” Juarez, either guard, Jimmy Mosley, left end, Fred Ozment, halfback, “Corky” Cavnar, left guard, Tommy Herrin, left guard, Richard Gray, left guard and Jay David, tackle. One of Richard Gray’s sons, Dick, found the helmet on ebay and purchased it from a person in Seminole.