Full house

A gala last week hosted by Landmark Church brought the total raised for the planned Purcell Hope Center to $80,000. The Rev. Justin Blankenship, pastor, expects the $100,000 goal will be met within a couple weeks.

Don’t tell Justin Blankenship that community is just a word. Or that dreams can’t be realized or big goals met.

Six weeks ago, Blankenship shared an idea with the congregation of Landmark Church, which he pastors.

He wanted to the church to partner with Hope Center Ministries by raising $100,000 for that organization to use in establishing a long-term drug treatment program here for women.

Church members responded by opening their hearts and their wallets.

“We started this journey and the money started coming in,” Blankenship said in a video posted to the church’s Facebook page.

The church hosted a gala to generate interest in the project and funds began coming in from outside the congregation.

Presently, the church has raised $80,000 and money is still coming in.

Blankenship expressed confidence that the remaining $20,000 will be raised within the next week or two.

He said the church will give the $100,000 to Hope Center Ministries, which will immediately look for a suitable site – preferably a home with some land.

Women accepted into the work-based rehabilitation program will pay $700.

Instead of offering 30- to 90-day rehab programs, the Purcell Hope Center program will be 8 to 12 months.

Because it is work-based, the cost of treatment is covered and there is no out-of-pocket expense for women in the program.  The cost of the treatment will be covered by the work performed.

On successfully completing the program, each woman will get the $700 back.

“We are so very excited about bringing the Purcell Hope Center here very soon,” Blankenship said. “We’re going to do this together.”

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