Fred the Guinea

A Guineafowl named Fred has taken up residence in downtown Wayne. The bird has a daily routine and frequents several stops along her daily route. She has drawn quite a following around Wayne and McClain County.

Seldom, one would think, has a Guineafowl been shown so much acclaim.

But last Thursday a Guineafowl in Wayne, that has been named Fred and had a T-shirt made in her honor, was the toast of the town, garnering both electronic and print press coverage.

Fred has several “stops” in the downtown Wayne area that she makes on a daily basis for food and drink.

A tour of Fred’s route revealed that she was one of two such birds that were transferred from the west edge of Wayne to the eastern part where a chicken coop awaited.

“We thought they might interact with the chickens,” Kristi Smith told The Purcell Register.

One of the birds decided to venture back to its original home but Fred decided to stick it out behind city hall and other close by businesses.

Signs that read “We Love Fred” were plentiful at the small gathering Thursday afternoon and the Fred Fans even chanted in honor of the bird as they sported Fred T-shirts.

Fred has been wandering the streets of downtown since just before Halloween and has become quite the celebrity.

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