Purcell City Councilman Graham Fishburn handily won a new term for his Division 1 seat in the primary election Tuesday against challenger Bill Boyle.

Fishburn, who polled 740 votes to Boyle’s 451, had this to say about the outcome.

“Thank you to everyone who supported me for this election. I’m greatly humbled and honored to serve. I would also like to thank my opponent for running a good campaign and I appreciate his willingness to serve. I will continue to work hard as a councilman and help make Purcell the best it can be.”

Boyle didn’t respond to The Purcell Register’s request for a comment.

The other big news coming out of the election was the apparent statewide victory for State Question 802, which put in the voters’ hands the decision to accept the return of Oklahoma tax dollars to the state to fund Medicaid expansion.

With 98.92 percent of precincts reporting, the statewide vote was leaning in favor of passage with 336,314 in favor to 329,574 against. However, the question didn’t find much support among McClain County voters who cast 4,967 votes against to 2,932 votes in favor.

In school board races across McClain County, results were as follows:

Purcell, Office 5 – Tracy Folsom (I), 763; Kevin Andrews, 640.

Dibble – Jennifer Mandrell, 362; Greg Hamby, 237.

Washington, Office 5 – Brooke Walkup, 503; Melinda Tague (I), 359.

Wayne, Office 5 – Jay Posey (I), 541; Stephanie Montgomery, 197.

Incumbent Paul Scott will face a runoff election on August 25 to remain the Republican nominee for State Senate District 43.

He garnered 2,888 votes in McClain County and 5,683 across the district – 43 votes shy of 50 percent plus one vote to win another nomination outright. His challenger will be Jessica Garvin, with 4,470 votes in the district, including 1,688 in McClain County. Kaity Keith pulled 772 votes in McClain County and 1,255 in the district.

The Republican nominee will face Terri Reimer of Marlow, who was the lone Democrat to file for that office, in the general election in November.

The path to new terms was easier for District 20 State Representative Sherrie Conley and District 42 State Representative Cynthia “Cindy” Roe. Conley bested challenger Steve Herburger 1,457 to 993 votes in McClain County and 2,748 to 2,077 in the district.

Roe, who is quarantined at home with COVID-19, topped Nicole Stevens in McClain County 1,351 to 1,238.

District totals were 2,921 for Roe and 1,818 for Stevens.

Neither Conley nor Roe have Democratic challengers.

With 93.92 percent of precincts reporting, incumbent Todd Hiett was assured another term on the Corporation Commission, Statewide, Hiett has 262,477 votes to 89,452 for Harold D. Spradling. McClain County voters favored Hiett  4,042 to 1,107.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Jim Inhofe had a commanding lead in the Republican field with 98.92 percent of precincts reporting. Statewide and McClain County numbers, respectively, were 273,750 and 4,447 for Inhofe, followed by JJ Stitt with 156,823 and 750 votes, John Tompkins with 23,272 and 321 votes and Neil Mavis with 16,142 and 175 votes.

In the Democrat race, those numbers were  Abby Broyles, 162,219 and 1,315; Elysabeth Britt, 44,662 and 334 votes; Sheila Bilyeu, 31,903 and 272 votes and R.O. Joe Cassity Jr., 29,454 and 261 votes.

With 97.71 percent of precincts reporting, this is how the U.S. 4th District Representative race shaped up. On the Republican ticket, incumbent Tom Cole had 54,365 votes, including 4,064 cast in McClain County. James Taylor polled 10,909 votes in the district and 928 in McClain County. Totals for Trevor Sipes were 4,262 in the district and 288 in McClain County. Gilbert O. Sanders received 1,779 district votes and 106 in McClain County.

Mary Brannon of Purcell led the Democrat ticket with 31,419 district votes and 1,363 in the county. David R. Slemmons had 9,577 votes in the district and 337 in McClain County while John D. Argo polled 8,255 district votes and 456 votes in McClain County.

Results from Cleveland County include:

County Clerk – Tammy Belinson (I), 12,608; Lisa Meyer, 12,518.

Sheriff – Chris Amason, 11,627; Rick Adkins of Lexington, 5,442; Michael Freeman, 5,153; Tim Deal, 3,340. Amason and Adkins will be in a runoff election August 25.

Court Clerk – Marilyn Williams (I), 18,625; Lisa Jorns-Galey, 6,356.

Noble City Council, Ward 4 – Marge Hill (I), 179; Janet Riggio, 142.

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