A woman who handled accounts receivable for a Newcastle construction company allegedly embezzled more than $1,500 before quitting abruptly.

Kathy F. Simpson, 38, of Choctaw, is charged in McClain County District Court with embezzlement. An arrest warrant is outstanding.

According to an affidavit, Simpson left the business to run an errand on September 14.

When she didn’t return after several hours, employees attempted to contact her.

She responded to the office manager, telling her  she’d left a note on the owner’s desk.

That note, according to the affidavit, was Simpson’s resignation.

The office manager told Newcastle police that in addition to accounts receivable, Simpson handled the firm’s payroll and other financial matters.

The company’s owner, Derry Owen and the office manager started to investigate those financial transactions and found that in a half-dozen transactions between June 19 and September 6, Simpson reportedly used Paypal to move $1,505 from the company to her Visa Chime account.

An investigator reached Simpson by phone on September 17. She declined to be interviewed, but told the officer she had spoken to the owner and was returning the money the following day.

When the investigator called back on September 18, Simpson reportedly told him Owen had agreed not to file charges. She said she would pay Owen on September 19, the affidavit states.

Four days later Simpson texted Owen an apology for taking the money and offered to repay it through Venmo.

Simpson declined several requests from police to come in for interviews, according to the affidavit.

Also, according to Owen, he never had an agreement with Simpson not to charge her.

To date, none of the money has been repaid.

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