A meeting, held Monday morning at Purcell City Hall, was a time for local city leaders from Purcell and Lexington to game plan for a possible outbreak of COVID-19 from the coronavirus.

Among those at the important meeting were Purcell City Manager Dale Bunn, Lexington Interim City Manager Deana Allen, PMH CEO/CNO Kem Scully, City of Purcell Department heads, PMH Infection Prevention and employee health nurse Brittany Scully and Jackie Wadley, owner of Wadley’s EMS.

Bunn said he read an excerpt out of a newspaper in Australia comparing a couple of different countries and how they coped with outbreaks in their countries.

Scully talked about how being proactive will help hospitals deal with the sheer numbers of sickened patients if that occurs.

Quoting from a story in the Daily Mercury Bunn showed what one reporter in Australia wrote.

The excerpts said in part: “What difference does one day make? In the case of responding to coronavirus, it’s massive. When the illness explodes into view, it’s already too late. Which is why early action is necessary.

“COVID-19 is rewriting the rules of epidemiology. Today Italy is in total lockdown with 15,113 cases of COVID-19 and 1,016 deaths. That’s a case fatality rate of 6.7 per cent in one of the largest economies in the European Union.

“On Thursday, Italy had 827 dead. Two days later, that toll is 1,016. That’s the difference early, decisive action makes. Coronavirus doubles every six days.

“Soon the U.S. health system will face a storm of hospitalizations. Meanwhile, the number of  infected reported in the U.S. is, at the moment, meaningless. Even those hospitalized with COVID-19 symptoms are not being tested due to the kit shortage crisis. And, there is a looming international shortage of the chemicals needed to manufacture those kits.”

In Bunn’s report it said people in high risk categories like cardio, respiratory, diabetes, inactive and seniors should avoid contact with the public.

  • Do not go to work if you are ill.
  • Minimum six feet separation. No physical contact.
  • Do not attend large gatherings including church.
  • Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.
  • Have a 30 day supply of food and medication on hand.
  • Wash hands often with soap or 60 percent alcohol based hand cleanser.
  • Clean surfaces with viral disinfectant and allow wet cleaner to remain wet minimum four minutes.
  • If symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath/possible headache and tired - call your doctor. Do not go into medical offices unless you call ahead. If you are ill, self-quarantine a minimum of 14 days from onset.

The President has declared a National Emergency to free up funding and Governor Stitt has declared a State Emergency and placed the decision making process at the local level so we can each do what is best for our citizens. It also free up funding.

“Deal with the situation seriously to protect other and ourselves,” Bunn said. “Don’t panic, but be prepared.”

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