Election fever

Even a mock election is an exciting event for Tenna Garrett, assistant secretary at the McClain County Election Board. Garrett enthusiastically greeted each group of young voters who were asked to select Kids’ Favorite Critter while visiting the McClain County Free Fair on Friday.

Oliver Owl

Whether it was his supreme self-confidence or big eyes and “superior owl vision,” Oliver Owl was the runaway victor in a three-way race for Kids’ Favorite Critter.

It’s also possible light voter turnout at the McClain County Free Fair on Friday morning affected the election outcome.

Tenna Garrett, assistant McClain County Election Board secretary, announced the results less than three hours after the poll closed.

“Looks like Oliver Owl  won with a count of 95 votes,” Garrett said. “Baxter Beaver and Sophie Squirrel tied with 45 votes each. We had four blank ballots and seven over-voted ballots.”

“The votes speak loud and clear. My only focus now is on the future,” Oliver Owl declared.

Sophie Squirrel tearfully thanked her supporters as she conceded defeat at her watch party at the base of a spreading oak tree.

She drew cheers from the mammals, marsupials, birds, fish and serpents crowded around her.

Baxter Beaver skipped his own watch party to work on yet another dam in the county.

A campaign spokesman wished Oliver Owl well and also thanked the voters for their support.

Garrett expressed surprise that the annual election was decided solely by youngsters from Wayne Elementary School.

“I don’t know what happened,” Garrett said. “No one showed up at the polls from Purcell, Washington, Blanchard or Newcastle. It was very, very odd.”

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