What would happen if the Big Bang wasn’t very big at all? And the bang was barely a whimper?

Or the Sonic Boom could only muster a sub-supersonic show?

All that could be left for Purcell’s Independence Day fireworks show would be a cluster of Bada Booms with an occasional Baby Boom thrown in.

And changing that scenario depends on how many people step up to Adopt-A-Boom before June 28.

Elizabeth Baker, interim director at the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, said that for the 2018 fireworks show at Purcell Lake, the chamber raised about $5,000 through the Adopt-A-Boom program.

As of Tuesday, the Adopt-A- Boom coffers held just $2,700.

There are four levels to the program.

The Big Bang is a 360-foot plume. Price tag is $250.

Next is the Sonic Boom at $100. Each Sonic Boom is a 270-foot plume.

The Bada Boom’s 180-foot plume goes for $50 while the Baby Boom’s 90-foot plume costs $20.

The City of Purcell pays $7,500 for the show produced by Arc Pyrotechnics Inc., in Oklahoma City.

The chamber’s financial contributions serve to beef up the fireworks, making a better, more memorable show.

Because the Fourth is on a Thursday, city officials decided to celebrate the nation’s 243rd birthday at Purcell Lake on July 6, a Saturday.

In addition to the fireworks show at 9:45 p.m., there will be food, fun and games at the lake from 5 to 11 p.m.

Okie Bill’s food truck will be there with barbeque. Also signed on as a food vendor will Chris’ Grill and Frozen Treats.

There will be games for families and inflatables for the kids to enjoy.

It would be a shame for the fireworks show to fizzle like a damp sparkler.

For more information about the festivities or to Adopt-A-Boom, call the chamber at 405-527-3093.

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