Starting point

What ended with an OHP pursuit and shootout in Moore started about 11:40 a.m. at the Conoco North in Purcell. A Chevrolet Tahoe was stolen with the gasoline hose still in it. A shootout in Moore ended in the death of the suspect.

What started off as a stolen vehicle from the Conoco North convenience store in Purcell turned into a deadly encounter in Moore.

Investigating Purcell Police officer Todd Carpenter said  Curtis Compton of Purcell was pumping gasoline into his Chevrolet Tahoe when Adam Ray Hernandez jumped out of a vehicle he stole in Wewoka and into Fielder’s Tahoe.

Hernandez sped off with the fuel spigot still in the Tahoe about 11:40 a.m. last Wednesday.

“I was just standing there and he shoved me aside and got into my car,” Compton said.

Carpenter, who saw the video, said Compton was never away from his vehicle.

“The Tahoe went northbound so we alerted all area agencies,” Elmore continued.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol ended up behind the Tahoe near Goldsby and once they confirmed the tag information, gave pursuit.

Other OHP units responded and the vehicle ended up in a crash near Shields Blvd. and 27th Street in Moore.

The OHP reports the pursuit lasted five minutes.

Elmore said shots were fired and Hernandez was killed. Also on the scene were Oklahoma City and Moore Police Departments.

The troopers involved in the shooting, who are on routine paid administrative leave, are Joe Kimmons and Clay Anderson.

Kimmons has been with the OHP for 20 years and Anderson for 18.

There were no other injuries.

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