Command central

Purcell Police set up the mobile command unit of the McClain County Task Force last Saturday afternoon at the Purcell Train Depot during Operation Roundup and Recovery that included several law enforcement agencies.

The collaboration of nine different law enforcement agencies and the Purcell Fire Department last Saturday netted citations, warnings and the arrest of two people suspected of selling cocaine.

Operation Roundup and Recovery, spearheaded by Purcell Corporal Rick Adkins, was the second such successful effort in the past few weeks.

Adkins said 37 total officers from the nine agencies combined to five arrests, three of which were drug related, 153 contacts with citizens, 49 written warnings, 56 verbal warnings and 24 citations (two of which were for underage drinking).

There were five misdemeanor arrests and two felony arrests, three of which were drug related, Adkins said.

“We were not going around harassing people and issuing tickets,” Adkins said. “We were after stolen property and information about how people are getting down on the river, cutting fences and stealing cattle. It was things like that.”

“We had one stop that resulted in the arrest of two people suspected for possession of CDS with intent to distribute,” Adkins said. “They had nine individual bags of cocaine.”

“We also seized one vehicle and $1,050 in cash off the cocaine stop,” the Purcell Officer said.

The operation spanned from Rush Springs in south Grady County up to Lexington.

Agencies involved in the operation included the McClain County Sheriff’s Department, Purcell Police Department, Lexington Police Department, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Chickasaw Lighthorse Police Department, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Police Department, the Purcell Fire Department and police departments from Rush Springs and Amber, Adkins said.

The main areas of focus for the operation Saturday were Southern Grady County, Southern McClain County, Lexington and the South Canadian River.

“The reason we did this operation on the river was because we’ve been getting tips that people have gained access to the river and are going up and down the river cutting fence and stealing cattle, equipment and vandalizing areas. That needs to stop,” Adkins said.

“When we are patrolling the roadways we’re basically looking for stolen property like trailers or construction equipment and things like four wheelers,” Adkins continued.

“Some times you find drugs and sometimes stealing items is to feed a drug habit. They go hand in hand.

“It was a very good operation with the cooperation of all the agencies,” Adkins said. “When we would stop someone and explain what we were doing many of them thanked us for what we were doing.”

Coming out of Grady County, according to Adkins, information on stolen property and drugs is coming forth.

“We have information on a guy selling stolen diesel and on two individuals who have been committing burglaries related to agriculture equipment,” Adkins said.

Each agency donated the officers to fund the operation, Adkins said.

Participating from the Purcell Police Department were Boyd Killman and Sgt. Todd Carpenter in addition to Adkins.

McClain County Sheriff Don Hewett donated 11 deputies including Jerry McConnell, Pat Goldsby, Mike Howell, James Harryman, Scott Wilkerson, Christopher Grace, Sgt. Brandon McDonald, Mike Caldwell, Wayne Barnes, Malcom Brummett and Jonathan Fincher.

Officers who participated from Lexington included Chief Deana Allen, officers Greg Lindsey, Dan Ashbridge, Jon Fried, Charlie Bjork, Scott Thrash, Barry Lane and Ernie Lamirand. Grady County donated three officers with two from Rush Springs, seven from BNSF and two from Lighthorse, Adkins said.

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