Jamie Rose Bolin

A little girl went missing 10 years ago next week.

It was April 12, 2006, when Jamie Rose Bolin, a fifth grader at Purcell Intermediate School vanished.

She wasn’t missing long. Approximately 48 hours after she was last seen alive, Jamie Rose’s body was discovered in a plastic tub tucked out of sight in the bedroom closet of the man who snuffed out her life.

Arrested for murder was Kevin Ray Underwood, 26. He lived downstairs and across the breezeway from the apartment that was home to Jamie Rose and her father, Curtis Bolin.

It was Good Friday, April 14, 2006, when police made the gruesome discovery.

At that moment, the Heart of Oklahoma suffered a collective broken heart.

Authorities would later determine that Jamie Rose had died before anyone ever realized she was missing.

She died from asphyxiation after receiving blunt force trauma to the top of her head and upper back.

Her body bore numerous cuts, including one to her neck that nearly decapitated her. The medical examiner’s report said the 10-year-old was sexually violated.

The disappearance and subsequent search generated so many rumors that then-police chief David Tompkins and district attorney Tim Kuykendall shared details of the crime with news media early in the investigation,

Underwood used his pet rat, Freya, and the hint of watching a SpongeBob cartoon video to lure the youngster into his apartment on the afternoon of April 12.

Jamie Rose was a victim of opportunity, the officials said, explaining the first person who walked by Underwood’s apartment that day “was going to be a victim.”

The motive was Underwood’s twisted sexual gratification. He told authorities he wanted to fulfill a fantasy of becoming a cannibal.

Underwood claimed his father had been a butcher and he (Underwood) had fantasized about butchering a human for some time.

The exact plan and subsequent events were very, very graphic.

What was found in Underwood’s apartment were items one would find in a horror movie.

The bicycle she’d been riding the day she disappeared was found dismantled beneath Underwood’s bed.

In a bizarre twist that could have been lifted from a Criminal Minds script, Underwood had joined the search for Jamie Rose.

He was stopped April 14 at a roadblock near the apartment complex. Police reported he was acting suspiciously and they took him to the police station for questioning.

During that interview, he told investigators that Jamie Rose was wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt when he last saw her. But reports at the time were that she was wearing a pink shirt that day.

When officers found and opened the duct-taped tub in his closet, Jamie Rose’s body was covered with her blue shirt.

Twenty-three months after the murder, a Cleveland County jury needed just 20 minutes to convict him of first-degree murder.

They sentenced him to die.

He remains on death row.

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