Wilson Lyles

Wilson Lyles

Editor’s note: The Purcell Register continues its feature in which civic leaders and others answer five questions. The following were answered by District 2 Commissioner Wilson Lyles.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: I have been happily married for 31 years to Andrea Dee Ann. We have one son, Blake, and our daughter-in-law, Vanessa

They have brought us much joy with granddaughters Reagan, 4, and Rozlyn, 2, with a grandson due in May.

In my off time, I enjoy working around “The Place.”

Q: How would you describe your management style?

A: I would say I am a “hands on” manager. I try to be the person “to ask” that something be done instead of “telling” someone to do it. I also enjoy the business side of the job, as well as being on the job site. I have been so very blessed to be surrounded by great people and that makes my job easier.

Q: If you weren’t a county commissioner, what would you be doing?

A: Interesting question. Being involved for so many years in the wholesale grocery industry serving retail stores and meeting their needs, I look at the Commissioners’ position somewhat similar serving the citizens’ needs. I’m sure I would be somewhere dealing with people. 

As we all know, everyone has different personalities and I enjoy very much getting to know as many folks as I can. There is so much to learn from just a short conversation with someone. As I say, “when you stop learning, you stop living.”

Q: Will McClain County ever get a new jail?

A: As for the jail, the Commissioners and all of the citizens of McClain County know we have run two different propositions regarding the jail. This is a very sensitive issue, but realize by the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma, it is each county’s responsibility to provide a jail. We also want to provide safe working conditions for our staff and our inmates we are required to house.

There is a liability that comes along with the overcrowding of our present facility. As some of you may know, McClain County has been the second fastest growing county in the state for the last several years with Canadian County  being number one. The growth of the county has been good to us, but along with the growth comes added responsibilities for these type services.

Our Sheriff’s office has done a wonderful job controlling the population of the jail by contracting with other counties to house some of our inmates. This issue is always a topic of discussion.

Q: What gives you the greatest satisfaction as a commissioner?

A: Most definitely would be the opportunity to serve the people of McClain County with the resources we are allowed and to build strong relationships with our towns and cities within the county. The people have been kind to me and I am most privileged and blessed to have served the past 12 years and look forward to several years to come.

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