Peggy Christian

Editor’s note: The Purcell Register has introduced a new feature in which civic leaders and others will answer five questions. The following were answered by Peggy Christian, founder and chief elf for McClain County Operation Christmas.

Q: Did you do something similar to Operation Christmas before coming to Purcell?

A: No, I was a supervisor with the telephone company.

Q: How long have you done Operation Christmas?

A: Twenty-eight years. I started the year my grandboys were born. That was the main reason I retired. I never was their baby sitter, though.

Q: What motivates you to keep going?

A: I think I see the need. I look at those applications. I do not want a child to not have Christmas. I remember I was in school and there was a 12-year-old girl who had no socks. I did a little job and bought that girl socks.

Q: What are your other interests?

A: I sew. I crochet. I love my garden and working in my flowers..

Q: What do you do to relax?

A:  Most of the time I crochet while watching TV. Crocheting is my down time. And I love to read. I read a book and that’s my favorite and then I  read another book and that’s my favorite.

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