A roofing crew rolls out insulation and covers it with metal roof panels at the new fieldhouse at Conger Field on Tuesday. Tyler Graves, project manager with Goldsby Construction, told the Purcell School Board on Monday that the roof work should be complete by the end of this week.

Taking shape in the mist, northern lanes on the South Canadian River bridge between Purcell and Lexington seem to reach out to the western end.

Destiny Lindsey, 12, carefully lays out a grid before embarking on some lego sculpting during an activity January 10 at Purcell Public Library.

Nate Clair with Halff Associates, Inc., goes over plans for the downtown StreetScape project that is set to begin next October. In the photo from left are Donald Sherman, Bill Lester, Sherry Sheehy and Cindy Millsap. They were among the 20 downtown merchants that attended the meeting last Th…

Unsure of what he holds in his hand or what purpose it may serve, Jacob Lindsey, 10, is nonetheless amused by his lego creation January 10 at Purcell Public Library

Makaila Smith of Purcell concentrates on building a community with legos during an after-school activity January 10 at Purcell Public Library

Destiny Lindsey, 12, ponders the placement of legos on the grid she set out. She was among youngsters who turned out January 10 for an after-school activity at Purcell Public Library.